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Looking for on the ground reports of time to get through Memphis with new reroute


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The only problem I've heard about is the crack in the I-40 bridge over the Mississippi.  It's not an issue if you go over the I-55 bridge which is just a bit further south.  Then connect to the wrap-around Memphis if you are going East.  If you are going west hit the wrap-around on the east side of Memphis and follow signs to the I-55 bridge and connect with I-40 W. in Arkansas.

We have a trip planned this fall and I've already preplanned to take the route around the I-40 bridge even if they have the repairs completed by then.  That's really the only option unless you wish to go much further south to West Helena, AR and go over that bridge to get into Mississippi and then head north to TN.  However that is really out of the way.

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19 minutes ago, Mr. Camper said:

The only problem I've heard about is the crack in the I-40 bridge over the Mississippi.

When forum post appeared I wandered what was happening. Thanks for your input. I remember the construction delays a number of years ago when widening the roadway.

So with that memory and since I'm coming from the north I will taking route 19 south from Dyersburg TN.


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From the little news I saw, the bridge is shutdown pending repair. With the amount of vehicles using I40 the traffic the alternative route I55 will be clogged. If I was going that way I would avoid Memphis until the bridge repair is complete. Yeah I know it's going to add miles but it would be better than hours of frustration sitting in a traffic jam.


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On 5/12/2021 at 6:47 PM, jules2go said:

There is an app for this I think, but I don't know which one; maybe Waze? I'm headed through there in 3 weeks so just wondering how much time to add to that leg. 

Where are you coming from?  Where are you heading?  There may be options for you.

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According to Waze today the length of time from Nashville to Little Rock is just under 5 hours, about what it was prior to the bridge being out. Is Waze trustworthy for that application? It's the "live" version I'm looking at. I'm going west from Asheville to Little Rock to OK City area then to NM. Planning to slog through on I-40 because I have a work deadline in NM and only have 5 days to drive 😟

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