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Ambulance Conversion


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Hey Guys ! Finally I found a nice place where, we Share experiences.

After a few months we have been thinking about the idea to buy a camper. After searching a lot  we decided for a Ambulance Conversion.

I bought a 2000 Ford E-450 7.3L Diesel engine (wheeled Chair) with 162K on that. was 100% operational, and we started our project for the conversion. We watched a lot of videos regarding with this kind of conversion. I previous knew that was a challenge but we decided to start. 

First Demolition, we kept some cabinets and remodeling the one we would like to keep. Then, we took all the fiberglass ceilings out in order to start the new 2" tick foam for the re-insulating. We disassembly the Air Conditioning and the fan (inside the house) to have a place for the shower. 

Now we are facing a problem: We can not find a RV technician to De-wire de thousand of wires inside, because when the know what kind of project is they run away with a lot of excuses (Liabilities/Do not have time in their schedule/Time demanding) etc.... We think that start from scratch is much better than try to keep the old wiring there for savings. How can we start de-wiring? and from where? Following the things we want to keep tracking until de huge control panel, or do the opposite way (from the electrical cabinet to end)? We loved to have some precious tip from you if possible. Now we are locked, because the electrical must be done in order for us to keep going in our project!

We appreciate any kind of comment and it will be very welcome.

Antulius DeCastro

Kennesaw - GA 



pic 1.jpg

pic 2.jpg

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I have 40 years of electrical work experience, but am not completely sure what it is that you want to do? You say that you have taken out the ceiling and most of the cabinets, so you should have access to the existing wiring harness. If it were me, I would start at the end where you have removed an item and work back to the source of power, pulling that wire out as you go. If it gets power from a control panel that you plan to keep, label each fuse of circuit breaker as you remove the wires. 

Pictures of what you have inside the truck and of that electric panel would probably help.

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I can understand why someone may want an ambulance conversion.  I have spent too much time in one and it would be hard pass for me.


Most ambulances are typically built as 2 separate systems.  The chassis manufacture, in this case Ford does all of their standard wiring.  Then the "box" manufacture builds their system and the 2 are joined together.  

The ambulance box will have a main power source coming in to power/control all of the non-chassis items.  There will be wire bundles going to the over head or doghouse in the cab for switches/controls.  

If I was going to "un-wire" an ambulance I would start at what is being controlled and work back to the switch and/or distribution panel.  

Good luck.

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