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Changing circuit board on Dometic RM2454

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Hi everybody, newbie here. I'm trying to change out the circuit board on my fridge and the new board doesn't have as many electrical tabs as the old one. The board didn't come with any diagrams. Can anyone help me out? It's a 3-way fridge, but I don't ever use the dc

thanks in advance.

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If your replacement board just happens to be Dinosaur ?? I have got excellent tech support when I called them. You're probably gonna have to call the manufacturer Id hate to try and guess at it absent any specs or wiring diagrams etc. I have bought several replacement boards over the years, and a few involved such things as jumping a couple terminals together or removing a jumper or making minor modifications to suit my particular appliance  BUT THOSE WERE ALL DONE ONLY AFTER CALLING FOR TECH SUPPORT AND/OR HAVING DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS 

 Sorry I cant help one bit here in the dark without any diagrams of BOTH the fridge as well as the board !!!!!!! Maybe the other fine gents here who have experienced your situation can tell you how to wire or modify it, I just don't want to be responsible for ruining an expensive board or voiding a warranty LOL

 Sure its the right board???????????

 If not already you may try Bryants for a manual   Service Documents and Manuals (bryantrv.com)   but regardless you need BOTH the board and fridge diagrams PLUS a call to tech support in my opinion

 John T

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Thanks John, 

The link below is what got me to where I am. The original eyebrow and control board are not available individually so I ordered the replacement kit, which says it's for the 3 way Dometic RM2454 that I have. Of course the company I ordered from is parts only... no tech support 😞 

Dometic Refrigerator Control Board, Eyebrow, 3 Way, 2932884030 | pdxrvwholesale 

I'll try to contact Dometic on a weekday

Thanks again


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