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How long are pv cables on panels

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Glenn I have no idea of all the brands out there and not aware of any "standard".   I can ONLY say of 4 or so brands Ive purchased they had about 3 feet of wire and that was plenty long enough to splice panel to panel provided they were located next to each other head to head with their boxes on the same ends........... I sometimes hard wired versus using MC4 connectors but that's just me.

 John T

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Depends on the brand, the panel and how far apart you mount them.  All of the panels I have used are rectangular and had ~6" connectors on one end.  

In my last unit the 2 on the left hooked together and the 2 on the right did and I had to run wire between.  In my current unit I have 2 pairs that I did not need additional cable but to hook the 2 pair and the 2 other singles I did need more wire. 


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Panels I am looking at, cables come from center of panel. But reckon center to center same as end to end. Yes running high voltage and low amps let's me get by with just pv cable. Based on last reply, better ask dealer. Just figuring out what I need. Coming from roof length on pv cable is 25' or 50'. So get 50' since unit has wire in for pv. Just cut off connector length I need. Funny thing, 50' is less money.

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