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Campground reservaions complicate traveling more freely

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I just spent over two weeks camping in the NF campgrounds at Lake Davis, CA on a first come first serve basis and all three campgrounds were mostly empty even on weekends.  Also spent a week at state park near Rio Vista, CA without reservations even though reservations are now required there.  Both large campgrounds were near empty the whole time but still they required reservations. 

Some other CA state parks still allow walk-ins and first come first serve as do Nevada state parks.  I always have good luck during the week and almost never stay at jammed up overcrowded private RV parks as I prefer the scenic NF and state park campgrounds. 

Even on my frequent fishing trips to SF I find free overnight parking at several locations with no hassles from anyone.  Happy camper here.

Also stayed at nearby AFB inn with plenty of empty rooms.


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35 minutes ago, Jinx & Wayne said:

Escapees Branson was full over this Memorial Day weekend. 

With the exception of 2020, that has been the case for most RV parks and campgrounds for Memorial Day weekends for a long time. With tourism returning as covic declines, I would expect that to be true of most tourist hot spots in the coming year. What I have found to be surprising is how busy some of the more out-of-the-way places seem to be. 

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On 5/7/2021 at 11:53 AM, agesilaus said:

We are back at the old 'there are two sorts of people' theme. I just cannot imagine reserving spots for months solid. It would be like a straight jacket. Right now we have the freedom to pack up and leave today or stay another four days or four weeks. We aren't as well set up as NWCID but we are working on it.

We don't feel that we are roughing it either, its a choice between this:


FR 121 Cg 3.jpg

Or a crowded CG.

I not saying either camping style is the 'best' it's just what you prefer. And actually boondockers are much better off if more people would rather stay in developed camps.


Applause.  what a delight, waking up to this view.


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