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Need Mirror Back


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On the way home from the ECR we were stopped in traffic for a wreck up ahead when a truck pulling a trailer with a fiberglass swimming pool (wide load) scraped the edge of the pool against my passenger side mirror.  I was pretty teed off and gave the guy a piece of my mind over the CB.  Not thinking any damage was done I neglected to get his ID numbers.  When we got to home base I noticed the outside cover was missing. The truck is a 2004 Volvo.  The mirrors are the one piece style with the second mirror bolted underneath.  The passenger side cover is gone.  First question:  Does anyone have a spare they would like to sell?  Second question:  Where is a good place to buy one other than Volvo or on Amazon?  Third question:  Does anyone happen to have the OEM part number they will share with me?  Many thanks in advance for any help you may give.

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I don't have any part numbers handy, but had the back of both of my 2001 Volvo mirrors replaced this winter in Lawton, OK. Was supposed to be a$100 fix but it turned out more for some reason I don't actually remember. If I find the invoice I may remember and might find some part numbers too. 



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I have a 2004 630 and the passenger side mirror back flew off while driving and I never did find it. The numbers I have for the mirror back are:

85133994 Passenger side

85133996 Drivers side

These were not an EXACT match for my truck. The mirrors had been changed out at some point so my VIN did not do us any good. We went out in the lot and found a truck with the same type mirrors that I have now and used that VIN. Apparently the design changed again slightly after mine were installed because like I said the replacement was not an exact match but unless you are looking at both at the same time you do not notice.

So I got mine at the Volvo dealer. It cost $90 but $35 of that was shipping.

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