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Forest River 2021 Coachmen Encore - Cruise Control

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  1. Purchased a new 2021 Forest River Coachmen Encore in August 2020.  Took 3 days (with overnight stops) to drive it home from Alvarado Tx. to NW Florida.  The Cruise Control Never worked!  To date, we have had much difficulty working with the Sales Yard, the Factory, Ford Fleet Service, Florida (warranty), the local Ford Dealership, - and with 3 other RV/Truck Repair Shops.

  2. We’re now at the start of May 2021 and both Ford Fleet Service and the last repair shop have become unresponsive.  The F-53 Ford chassis Cruise Control worked briefly (minutes) on 2 occasions, right out of the Shop.

  3. Ford Dealership printed out 2 codes: both say the Tone Ring is faulty.  The right rear wheel needs to come off in order to inspect/replace the same.  No shop has had the wheel off to diagnose - one shop performed a borescope inspection and pronounced the Tone Ring good.  Cruise Control worked for a couple of miles up the road.

  4. Beyond driving it home from Texas, and to 4 different Repair Shops (total of 7 visits) we have been unable to enjoy our brand new, beautiful, well-appointed Class A Forest River Coachmen Encore.  

  5. Short of pursuing Lemon Laws, we’re at a loss.  Any thoughts - ?


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