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parts suppliers who to watch out for

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I am trying to figure out who to avoid as far as parts suppliers goes, or is there that big of a selection?

Who do you guys get your NLA parts from?

Case in point, my slide relay. I finally found it. Called everybody, they are NLA. I found one that might work. More of a generic relay.

Currently, I am about to engage in battle with my water pump. I didn't realize there was a water shut off valve in the system. After a few minutes of running the self priming pump with no water coming out, I found the valve.

The motor turns, the system isn't leaking. Everything was flushed when I hooked a garden hose up to it. Either way the water pump doesn't pump. Looks like I have to crawl in after it. I see I can get one from just about anywhere, but who do I want to avoid? Can I just replace the pump head? If not, what do you guys do with the still working 12V motors?

For cars, there are all kinds of aftermarket suppliers. Is there a similar supplier or suppliers for R.V. parts?

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Digi-Key can be a source for electronic components of all kinds. 

For the odd break down parts (propane regulator, a water pump once, vent handle) I have bought them from an RV dealer. 

In many segments of the parts industry you will find retail dealer organizations sell a "branded" replacement parts line across independent dealerships. They are doing this to try to offer some quality control. 

There is some junky stuff out there trying to fill the need for the almighty cheapest price. 

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On 5/2/2021 at 12:03 PM, BobandBarb said:

If not, what do you guys do with the still working 12V motors?

I don't know about other people but for me RV living puts a limit on what I can carry around.  Back when I had sticks and bricks (or even a home base with a shed) I might think about keeping an old motor.  Now, with the space and weight limits I have, it is gone..

I also remember just how many "old motors' and the like I got rid of when we went on the road.  LOL.  There was junk in the workshop and garage!!!

Wayne & Jinx
2017 F-350 diesel, dually
2006 Carriage Carri-Lite 36KSQ

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I carry a complete spare pump after having a pump fail years ago while parked on an electric only state park site. Repair parts are available for most of the common RV pump brands, especially the Shurflo pumps used in many/most RV's. Shurflo sells a complete replacement pump head for their most popular models.

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For roughly $100, you can replace the whole pump and motor assembly.  If you are determined to replace on the actual pump, contact Flojet, Shurflo or whoever made your pump.  You might be able to get a rebuild kit.  Personally for the cost and effort, I would not bother.  

When it comes to true NLA parts, I have had good luck with Tweety's.  The have knowledgeable staff that can often help with compatible replacement parts.

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