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Greetings All


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Wow have things changed in 40 plus years.  Not sure when I was first licensed but did find my old call listed in 79, 80 and 81 books.  I lapsed a way long time ago and recently decided to renew.  Managed to study enough to get my General license.  Starting to organize and get a bit more up to date.

Picked up a couple of the 8 watt Baofeng handhelds along with a programing cable, downloaded the CHIRP software, and got up fairly quick.  I have gone through many handheld VHF radios over the years and still have the last pair of Icom F3's the DW and I used for search and rescue.  The programing software for them is on 3-1/4 floppy and if I can get it on my laptop I will replace the antennas and batteries.  Anyway the Baofeng's hits the local repeater just fine.  Added a 5/8 wave dual band Tram antenna on a 10 foot stick of conduit to use with them when not portable.  Plan to get a mag mount antenna for the pickup.  Meanwhile my brother is suppose to be shipping my old Yaesu FT-101-E down here to Yuma.  Currently researching both HF antennas and locations to park one or more.  No trees around here for a dipole so am researching alternatives and am leaning toward a vertical I can get up and down by myself.

Anyway KL7AZ here.  I will be back with lots of questions....



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Greetings! There are a number of HAM operators here although this particular forum is not that active. 

I had a thread here on mounting my Yaesu FT-8800 in my truck. I have not invested in Baofeng as I read mixed reviews. I have a Yaesu FT-60 for an HT. I have another Yaesu in the wings whenever find the space to make a home for it in the RV. 

So welcome back to the world of HAM!



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