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Burning Man 2021 Cancelled

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For the very few if any who may be affected Burning Man is again cancelled for the second year due to Covid according to local Reno newspaper a few days ago.  As this is also an RV event with 80,000 members I am posting this as a PSA only.  Several times a year I camp on BLM land close to the BR desert with sometimes a great view of the BR from mountains overlooking the area.  Very remote and isolated most of the year with only a few cars seen on the 65 mile drive from Nixon to Gerlach (nearly a ghost town) on my very recent visit.  Link to this news is easily found by anyone interested.  BM propaganda that is probably true claim that many of their members are professional and wealthy people from all over the world.

I have no interest in this event and normally don't  camp in the desert in summer heat.  Cheers to many and jeers to some.


Capt. Perkins flying with Thai Military, Border Police and Singapore AF




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