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Guideline Refresher

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Hey folks,

Thom Bruning here with Escapees RV Club. Just wanted to touch base with everyone and remind y’all to be sure and review the forum Guidelines (https://www.rvnetwork.com/guidelines) from time to time. We could all use an occasional refresher.

A couple of key points that have brought up often recently are

Be respectful. This means no fighting or personal attacks. Those looking to stir up drama will be addressed, and may be banned for repeat behavior.

Absolutely no discussions regarding religion or politics. Posts that are political or religious in nature will be removed and all participants will be warned. There are places online where you may discuss these topics with others, but RVNetwork is not one of them.

There are a lot of folks using the forum and we all want to do our best to keep this an inclusive, enjoyable, and helpful community.  Sharing and caring is at the core of the Escapees club and community, following these guidelines helps to continue that tradition.

Thanks, Thom

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