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Help with et hitch mounting


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Got my frame cleaned up and painted and replaced the the air lines now it's time to get my hitch mounted. I have 16" of the hitch that would be captured by factory frame and 26.5" hanging past. 

Wanting to build a bed like @Broncohauler had on his KW. And planned to tie the portion of the hitch not in the frame into the bed. Looking for some advice and opinions. As always thank you very much.

Here is a pic of what I'm working with. Well as soon as I figure out how to add it I will.



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If it was mine, I would run 1/2", or thicker, plate as far forward on the frame as I could go, removing any bolts to reuse the holes, and all as far back on the ET as I could and as tall as I could and then incorporate that plate into the rest of the bed. Then I would probably put about 15 5/8"" grade 8 bolts in each side of the frame and then more on the frame extension.  I don't know that you need all this but I tend to go big on such things. None of it ever brakes and thats a good thing. Almost forgot you would need to shim the extension out the thickness of the frame first. I can not picturre the bed you reference but many people put channel on top of the frame if you did this and bolted to it with my plates that would be realy great from my seat.

I would add that most of the frame extensions are welded not bolted inplace, it would be a concern to me that flat bolting to the vertical wall of the frame give no real horizontal stiffness.  

With all that said I am only talking about what I would do to your existing picture I am sure it can be made sufficiently strong enough without welding but I would weld it anyway. Actually I would have that part welded and I hate to let anyone else work on my stuff. Lol

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When it comes to doing stuff like you are doing the best guy to talk to on this forum or private message is Jack Mayer at RV Life Styles he works these trucks every day and has done a countless number of beds and E.T. Hitches. I drove to Dennis Kansas and visited with Jack last summer. He is a stand up guy. I live in Las Vegas but my home town of Pittsburg Kansas is just 30 minutes from his town.


Cory Ossana - Vegas Teacher

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59 minutes ago, Yotaonrocks said:

Just wanted to update the thread. Got a quote for $7500 from a local truck frame shop to extend frame and mount the hitch. Have a local fabricator coming by on Friday to give me a quote also.

$7500 seems extremely high just to extend the frame a few feet and install the hitch. 

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Fabricator came by today and gave me what I felt like was a great price (less than half the previous quote), but even more important he gave me piece of mind. The gentleman really knew his stuff and was a real pleasure to talk with. 

He is looking to work me in the first of June.

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