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Grand Canyon Trailer Village in Fall


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I was at Trailer Village last fall--October 22-26, and about froze to death!  First couple of days were chilly, but got snow on last day.  The shuttles around Trailer Village were shut down, so I rode my electric bike to the visitor center and main area, and then ended up riding my bike on the road in both directions to the ends. 

Temps were as follows:

  • Oct 22    73-27
  • Oct 23    70-30
  • Oct 24    69-31
  • Oct 25    64-35
  • Oct 26    35-21 !!!!

If I had to do it again, I would go in late September or early October, although you just can't trust the weather completely to be pleasant, as evidenced by the last day of my visit, per Weather.com.   Even though the first few days were sunny and mild, I had to run my electric heater and furnace all night every single night to try to stay warm. 

By the way, because of the drought, the elk were and are extremely thirsty.  One nosed up within 4" of my hose as I was filling my water tank.  I could have petted her, I am sure, as long as I gave her water.  I had no bucket, but since i had not hooked up my sewer and the cap was on it, I walked around to the other side of my rig, rinsed it off thoroughly and filled the depression several times so she could drink.  If I had had a large dog bowl, I would have left it out and kept it filled.  These elk were introduced in the 1920's and really do not belong there because there are no streams or water sources for them.  They have learned how to turn on campground faucets and water fill station faucets, but of course, do not turn them off!! 

Frankly, all the wild (or not so wild) animals are having problems with the drought--getting food and water. 

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