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Antelop Canyon Arizona


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I hope to visit Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend late October 2021 and have a few questions.

1) In Lower Canyon how difficult/strenuous are the steps into the canyon, and you only go DOWN
    them  right??
2) Are the steps ONLY at the entrance and you walk out the other end??
3) I take it Upper Canyon isn't as scenic?? and no steps right?? I only plan on one of them
4) Any suggestions for which tour company if we want to leave from Page and go to one of the
    canyons PLUS Horseshoe Bend??
5) I have found some combo tours FROM PAGE to Horseshoe Bend PLUS a "Secret" Canyon  my guess is its not as scenic as the upper or lower ??
Thanks in advance for any tips
John T  Indiana
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The hike from the parking lot at Horseshoe Bend is through deep loose sand, so a bit difficult.

Years ago we took a small guided hike to Canyon X.  Just 4 of us and an elderly guide.  Awesome to see and experience the canyon without the crowds.  Not sure how it is today but then it was a moderately difficult hike down into and back up the canyon.

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Let's hope they are open by then.  I've been through both a couple of times.  Upper is easier & busier.  I took a Photo Tour of the upper & it was more sane than the standard tours, but I'm not sure they are still doing them.  

The lower is less crowded, some narrow sections, and, as you mentioned, ladder/stairs.  I had no problems negotiating them, but definitely harder than the upper canyon.  

My latest visits were in 2012, so I'm sure many things have changed. For example, for the lower canyon they handed me a pass & pointed to the start of the canyon.  No guide, just 2 hours of wandering around.  As to Horseshoe Bend, there was no charge for parking.  Here are some photos from my visits to both canyons...

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THANKS SO MUCH gang, good info and helpful tips as I was looking for !!!!!!!!!

Ifffffff possible and ifffffffffffff available this Fall ??? I hope to find a "Combo" tour of UPPER Canyon PLUS Horseshoe Bend (one I found where they drive right up to overview) HOWEVER I'm NOT finding one currently grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr SO FAR Im ONLY finding Horseshoe Bend PLUS a so called "Secret Canyon" but due to Covid things are subject to change. 

 As noted, looks there is at least one tour company that takes you right up to Horseshoe Bend to avoid the longer trek over sand

Oh well I will keep looking and only time will tell

THANKS EVERYONE if you have more info let me know

John T  


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Is this tour what you're looking for?


Horseshoe Bend Slot Canyon is also known as Secret Canyon.

Horseshoe Bend Overlook is completely different.  The Overlook you can easily do on your own. Parking is at Hwy 89 and then it's a short walk to the Overlook (no sand).

These may also help you:

... an excellent guide to Monument Valley and the surrounding area:



Keep in mind that the tour information probably isn't current.

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THANKS SOOOOOOOO MUCH great information saves me "Googling time" lol


YES  https://horseshoebendtours.com/  Thats EXACTLY the tour I'm considering, its only 100 m from where they take you to Horseshoe Bend Overlook (if I understand??)  HOWEVER I worry if the "Secret Canyon" is as good as Upper or Lower ???????????? Or is it actually one of them ????

If I had alllllllllll  my "druthers" the "ideal" tour for me would depart from Page,,,,,,,,go close 100 meters to Horseshoe Bend, then  Upper Antelope Canyon....... 

Oh well I may not be able to book MY ideal tour but I will keep looking as time and Covid passes


PS Ive already seen Monument Valley twice and most the other stuff in that area, this trip is ONLY for Upper Canyon and Horseshoe Bend

John T



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