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Two Weeks of Starlink


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Over the past 2 weeks I ran speed tests at various times during the day and night, sometimes up to 3 tests per day. Each test was run 3 times to get an average using the Speedtest app.

I experienced several "outages" over these 2 weeks. For example, a couple of times during streaming video quality would rapidly get more pixelated and then the stream would stop. Most of these outages were short.


165.9 Mbps Download
20.5 Mbps Upload
45 ms Latency



Fastest Download: 244.7 Mbps
Fastest Upload: 28.6 Mbps
Shortest Latency: 33.7 ms

Slowest Download: 95.4 Mbps
Slowest Upload: 15.1 Mbps
Longest Latency: 61.7 ms

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