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1 in 3 Covid survivors suffers neurological or mental disorders, study finds

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Oh boy, am I glad we have had our vaccinations. But we will still keep wearing masks and keeping distances because the variants could still infect us, albeit not fatally we hope. What these studies will determine is how many folks who survived now have mental illnesses they did not have before. When I was a counselor back in the day folks were more afraid of mental illness diagnosis' than  cancer.

It was bad enough when we were avoiding having to die with worse physical suffering than waterboarding which does about the same thing, and having to die alone. But now, even if we survive, hundreds of thousands of folks may end up with mental illnesses, and a tiny percentage brain bleeds????????

Some folks are


"1 in 3 Covid survivors suffers neurological or mental disorders, study finds

  • One in 3 Covid-19 survivors has suffered a neurological or psychiatric disorder within six months of infection with the virus, a study has found.
  • The results were based on an observational study of more than 230,000 patient health records.
  • The study was published in The Lancet Psychiatry journal.

After taking into account underlying health characteristics, such as age, sex, ethnicity and existing health conditions, there was overall a 44% greater risk of neurological and mental health diagnoses after Covid than after flu, and a 16% greater risk after Covid than with respiratory tract infections.

Since the coronavirus emerged in China in late 2019, over 132 million infections have been reported, including more than 2.8 million deaths, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

Professor Paul Harrison, lead author of the study from the department of psychiatry at Oxford, said the study highlights the need for health systems to be equipped to deal with potentially higher numbers of neurological disorders in survivors of the virus.

"These are real-world data from a large number of patients. They confirm the high rates of psychiatric diagnoses after Covid-19, and show that serious disorders affecting the nervous system (such as stroke and dementia) occur too. While the latter are much rarer, they are significant, especially in those who had severe Covid-19," he said.

"Although the individual risks for most disorders are small, the effect across the whole population may be substantial for health and social care systems due to the scale of the pandemic and that many of these conditions are chronic. As a result, health care systems need to be resourced to deal with the anticipated need, both within primary and secondary care services."

Dr. Max Taquet, a co-author of the study, said further research needs to be done to see "what happens beyond six months."

"The study cannot reveal the mechanisms involved, but does point to the need for urgent research to identify these, with a view to preventing or treating them."

Since the pandemic emerged and spread throughout the world in spring 2020, there have been a number of investigations into the short and long-term effects of the virus. The University of Oxford's psychiatry department noted that there has been growing concern that survivors might be at increased risk of neurological disorders.

Source: https://www.msn.com/en-us/health/medical/1-in-3-covid-survivors-suffer-neurological-or-mental-disorders-study-finds/ar-BB1fnX8L?ocid=uxbndlbing

Safe travels folks!

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Could be. But the virus, as we've seen, in some folks has caused permanent/temporary damage to organs and metabolic systems in a TBD percentage of cases. Without being in a lab doing it now I'm relegated to only being able to read the reports like everyone else.

Let's also remember that when people are not held accountable for their bad behaviors, they become over confidant, stop believing in consequences. Until it's too late. Cognitive dissonance must be resolved. Change the belief or change the behavior.

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Yes, now we are seeing reports of people that originally experienced a mild case of COVID19, months later have reactions to the virus that are having adverse effects.  I am so thankful that we have followed CDC guidelines with masking and social distancing and are now 2 months past our 2nd Pfizer shots.

We will continue to mask up and social distance to be safe.


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My cousin's husband caught it in February 2002 - one of the early ones in Mt. Vernon, WA (north Seattle).  The person he caught it from died, he ended up in the hospital for about 5 days.  He recovered and seemed to be doing well, but they would be driving somewhere and he would pull over and ask my cousin where they were going - he realized he had no idea where he was suppose to go.  My cousin now writes him a note telling him where he is going (to the store for bread and milk, etc.) and then he is just fine.   It doesn't happen all the time, but this has been going on for over a year now and seems to be permanent.  Both of them had severe reaction to the 2nd Moderna shot, not much of one to the first.   My 97 yr old aunt, by contrast, sailed through both of her vaccinations with just a sore arm and the usual aches and pains which might be because she's 97! 

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