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Class C with truck front, not van front

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Which model has the easiest engine access for DIY work: spark plugs and think heater hose or belt or water pump failed in the middle of nowhere?

Or would a class A be a better bet?

Possible to get something as open engine bay design as an older F250/F350?  I am not familiar with the F450 platform.

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Maybe consider a truck camper . I hear Lance makes a very nice unit . 

Or , if you have the know , it shouldn't make much difference what you have . 

I could fix just about anything , but , never worked on any RV . We bought a 10 year old Monaco motor home . 

In the last eleven years , there hasn't been anything I haven't been able to repair myself . 

Get what you like and what suits/fits you and cross bridges when you get to them . ;)

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Super C looks a lot more expensive than the 'regular' C class. The other problem it's mostly diesel and I want a gas one. Something around 26' with a truck front, not a van front. So F350 instead of E350 front.

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