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Five Windows 10 features you really should be using


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Sure, you know how to whip around Windows 10 at full speed, but do you know these five tricks? Some of them are relatively new in Windows 10, but all of them can help you save time and avoid unnecessary clicks.

I knew about these but never went beyond their first versions. Ed covers:


"If you've spent a few years with Windows 10, you've probably mastered the basic actions, which means you're reasonably productive. But some of the most interesting productivity boosters are not immediately obvious. That's especially true for new features that Microsoft adds as part of a feature update. If you're not paying attention to the release notes, you might not notice the new stuff.

That's the point of this post, where I've assembled five well-hidden Windows 10 features that I guarantee will save you time and help you avoid unnecessary clicks.

Snip & Sketch

Capture, mark up, and share any part of your screen

Clipboard History

This essential Windows feature is no longer a one-trick pony

Battery Report

Get the lowdown on your laptop battery

Free OneDrive storage

You get 5 GB of cloud storage for no cost; use it for backup

Touchpad shortcuts

If you have a Precision Touchpad, you can do much more than point and click"

All the above are very useful, and there are many more links to Windows tips at the bottom of the article here:



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