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Volvo part number lookup?


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Is there a good online source to look up part numbers?


I hate having to call my local Volvo dealer to get part numbers so that I can shop around to find better prices from what they often charge. 


I haven't found anything similar to automotive parts sites where you can put in a year make and model and find most any specific part.

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It's been a chronic problem for me in the 25 plus years I've owned Volvos. My best advice is to groom a good relationship with a Volvo parts guy. I still can call my Volvo shop in Ohio and get advice and parts numbers, even though I've moved to FL and use a FL dealer. The FL dealer's parts counter is notoriously stingy with parts numbers, even though I've spent many thousands at their parts and service departments. I have one person there I use exclusively, because that person is more generous with parts numbers. I have never found an online source of the full range of Volvo parts. Still looking.... No, actually I gave up long ago. Jay

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