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Bought $35 Allstays web, do I need $9.99 phone app?

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I was not aware of a paid Allstays app as I use a free Allstays website constantly to obtain a lot of info on many types of campgrounds and RV parks.  Very useful. Never heard of the second app but will check it out. 






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1 hour ago, brooksrimes said:

I'm not real clear on the difference between the $35 program for my PC and the $9.99 Camp & RV cellphone app.

Can anyone shed some light?


I use the paid program but not familiar with the cell phone app. I only use my computer which allows to many searches by filters. It really helps when you have a big unit or looking for site after many campgrounds close for the winter. Allstays is not a rating system so read the campground reviews.

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you should only use reviews as a rough guideline IMO. A park I stayed at a lot had never had a bad review and had put in a tornado shelter had to  evict someone when he stopped them from doing something he thought was a risk to the park and and other people in the park. The guy and wife had stayed there year round for several years on a month to month and the guy walked away cursing the owner loudly. He was immediately informed he had to leave when that months rent was up.  Then Bingo a bad review was posted.

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