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Suburban gas oven question

Jack L

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Adding to Kirk's advice;

If you can light the pilot  and it stays burning while holding the knob in that is normal; however if it goes out when you release the knob after a minute or so the flame sensor is dirty or not sending the ~4 milliamp signal to the gas valve. If the pilot goes out while baking the pilot gas screw may require adjusting; one oven brand does not have this adjustment though. During cold weather a near empty LP cylinder can cause low pressure and in turn cause pilot lights to go out randomly.

First do things that are free. Clean the flame sensor to remove baking residue or soot from the pilot flame. Next remove the other end of the flame sensor from the gas valve and clean both sides of the connection with a pencil eraser, when replacing this exercise care not to crush the contacts by  over-tightening

That's the free remedies.To check gas pressure, adjust the pilot flame height requires personal research for a DIY person or calling in a professional.

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Ha, I had that problem so I just replaced the oven. BUT not the end of story.

When we bought the RV it did not have an oven, only a cooktop. Installing a oven was part of the purchase. The oven we got included was a POS. We hated that thing for years. One day the pilot would not stay lit so I go to replace the thermocouple. The manufacture of the oven decides that it would be best to secure the thermocouple tubing to the rear of the oven with a clamp and screw. So.....in order to take the thermocouple off I had to remove the oven. 

I decided that if the oven was coming out it sure was NOT going back in.....I researched and found what I wanted. Main feature was a pilot that I did not have to lay on the floor to light it. I finally found that the only replacement was made by Furion and they just started making the oven/cooktop slide in.

Best thing I ever did.

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