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TX inspector/consultant for purchasing RV


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Hello All!

New to SKP here... I am looking to purchase a late-model (2019) travel trailer / toy hauler from Camping World in San Antonio, TX, and I am wondering if there are services out there much like you could find a mechanic to inspect a used car before purchasing it?  Or maybe even some experienced member(s) here, who would be able to assist?

It is a 23’ travel trailer. I have stayed in similar trailers before, but am planning to move from CA to TX the first week of May, and am considering putting a deposit down to take the unit off of the market, but I do not want to do so only to find out issues that the dealership left out or overlooked (appliances not working, water damage, soft spots in the floor, etc).


My plans are to live in the trailer Full time, while carrying around a motorcycle while commuting from gig to gig (my job takes me between TX, FL, SD, NV, CO, UT, and CA).  Rather than flying in and out of each stop, I’m looking forward to spending some more time exploring the country + visiting family and friends along the way.


Please feel free to share any thoughts, questions, or comments!


Looking forward to seeing you all out there!



- Dan

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Welcome to the Escapees RV Club and to these forums! We are happy to have you join us.

While I have not purchased in San Antonio and thus have not used any of these, here is a list of RV inspection services that I was able to locate. Perhaps one  of our other members will have used one of them or someone else and will chime in.

The Lemon Squad, RV inspections                                 Mobile RV Solutions

Lomar RV & Marine Solutions                                          TX RV Inspectors Mobil service

RV Inspections USA                                                        https://nrvia.org/locate/

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I used Lemon Squad in the metroplex (Texas)  area and was pleased and impressed with detail and thoroughness. Then again, in the Valley - not so much, just OK. I think they have a checklist so you know the basics will be covered but my experience is its going to depend on the individual inspector.

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We used https://nrvia.org/locate/ when we purchased our rig.  We were in the Dallas area, but buying in Southern California.  Prior to signing all the papers, we had the inspector arrange with the seller to do the inspection.  He found a couple things that, after further negotiation, covered the cost of the inspector, but gave us a heads up so we were prepared.  (Fortunately, the rig was in very good shape.)

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Most of the time, if I cannot look at something and I don't have a family member to help me, I wait till I get to the location and see for myself. Sure you can hire it done, but what recourse do you have if they say it's no good and really it would have worked or say it's really good and you hate it when you see it. Money down the drain in my opinion either way. I've been burnt a couple times on Ebay purchases, but those were very small dollar compared to a "Home" you are planning on living in. A 23 foot travel trailer is not very big to be living full time, but some do it in a van.  Best of luck. Let us know how it works for you. 



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