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Second boondocking spot this week.

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We did an overnight at Avalon Reservoir 32.493567, -104.248978 outside Carlsbad NM. Place was dirty and the local HS kids seem to be using it. Not recommended.

We are now at Indian Bread Rock (near Bowie AZ) a highly publicized BLM spot. Look on YouTube there must be 20 videos about it. Just got here and there are at least 15 to 20 others here. Looks good so far but are waiting for it to cool down a little before venturing out.

I think southern AZ camping days are expiring rapidly. After two days here, with a trip to Chiricauhua NM Saturday we are schedule for a week in Benson. Then heading north. Supposed to be in the 80's to low 90's nights mid 50's

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In addition to true backwoods of the NF in north california and Oregon I have found many remote almost excellent boondocking spots in north and central Nevada, NE Calif, western Utah and eastern Oregon.  These are mostly high desert BLM areas that are far from large towns and away from 4 wheel off road rock climbing areas that are mostly flat non sandy terrain with no appeal to the hell raising dirt bikers and 4 wheelers.  Very little snow or ice in winter months but does get cold and very windy often so no tents or shade brellas some times.

Although camping in the dirt I use cheap throw away tarps for ground cloths and keep important items off the ground.  Bring extra water, batteries, food, winter clothing, etc. Happy trails to all and checking out for now.

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26 minutes ago, Kirk W said:

??  Now I believe...  We were by there but not recently. 

LOL how did I do that?

@NamMed Nevada is in our plans, never spent much time there since we were traveling in mid summer before.

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