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Bushnell Renovation and Reservation consideration


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Normally my return to Bushnell (my home base) for the 6 month doctor visits is no big deal.  But they are not presently taking reservations unless I am just passing thru.  Seems half the park will be shut down.  What is really odd to me (unless I have just missed it altogether) is that there was no word of this in the normal course of information from Escapees.  In fact nothing on the Escapees web page or even the Sumbter Oaks web page at this time.  I tried to do the online reservation and it said there was a technical problem so I called the park to make a reservation.  That is how I found out.  They are trying to figure out what space they will have after they move the folks who normally just stay there all the time, then they will talk about reservations again.

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We are in Sumter Oaks right now.  The ERPU members over on the part of the park that is going to be renovated have mostly already relocated to the other side.  In fact, we walked around the park today, and I don't think there are any ERPU sites over on the renovation side that are still occupied.  I understand that this is a major renovation with upgraded electrical and sewer connections.  They have already planted those little utility flags showing where the new lines are going to be laid.

There was an announcement several months ago from the Escapees management that some parks would be having major improvements done, but it was not specific as to where or when.

However, the musical chair movement is done, and they should know now what sites are available.  So call the park directly.  Don't depend on doing reservations on the website.  The work campers in the office know what is going on, and can help you.  Ask for Linda.

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