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16/7 generator


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...as opposed to 24/7.  At least he turns it off at 10pm.  

My neighbor in a dry CG with a fairly new 5er runs a not-Honda small red generator ALL DAY, and he's not home.  When he gets home he  fires up the Onan for dinner.  I'm going to try to work up the courage to ask him why without being a nosy jerk, but my guess  is that he has  a residential refrigerator.  Perhaps I could enlighten him to the magic of an inverter...and solar panels.

At least I'm not so close to him that I have to move to get away from the daily racket.

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Just now, Randyretired said:

  About 2am with the generator still going the yelling and arguing was going big time.  A couple of rigs right next to them had enough!

Yeah, I think I would have had enough too. It really ruins the camping experience.. for everyone around them.

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Wow, we've been off the road for quite a while and forgot how annoying that can be. I'll bet he has been down this road with other campers before.

I'd check to see if dry campground has genset hours during the day, because even with those, if he is doing it during the day, he may be within allowable hours. If they do have hours  he is not supposed to run during the day - let them handle it. Too many itchy trigger fingers in our county today. (I own guns so please don't go there)

Below is for the new RV folks to know to buy inverter generators even if the cost more from any brand. Today we would buy the inverter genset for our RVs to avoid being, albeit innocent of intentionally disturbing the peace, the jerk in a campground.

I just found Honda is making some in China too. I've seen some really cheap 900-1000 watt gensets from Harbor freight et al, as well as noisy ones by name brands, that seem to be junk today.

Our last home had a 25kw water-cooled 4 cyl Mitsubishi powered Generac whole house Natural Gas generator, well muffled and it was still irritating despite being much quieter outside than all but the inverter gensets. I had the house built new with six inches of insulation 2X6 framing and insulated floors and a foot blown in the attic. Our RVs had only an inch and a half to 2.5" sidewall panels that were the framing and insulation vacuum-formed into a single stronger glued and screwed laminate construction. And when we got storm windows on our first rig, and dual pane on our second they were much quieter. But no way one third of six inch insulation thickness of our house could be quiet next to one of those chainsaw-like engines with lawnmower type mufflers.

The Honda and all the other quiet inverter gensets set the direction for small camping generators, the noisy ones are not inverter gensets. Until recently inverter gensets cost double what they cost now. Inverter gensets have been coming down for about ten years give or take and initially they were cheap knockoffs but gradually the Chinese firms have brought their quality up on some to ≿ the same level as Honda IMHO.

For the new folks here here's a great link explaining inverter gensets. It is a Honda source but they did pioneer lower cost inverter generators. http:// https://global.honda/innovation/technology/power/inverter-generator-picturebook.html

Honda began manufacturing some of their small engines in China in 2014. Today they are making them in several countries including China. 


"Honda produces approximately 46 thousand compact gasoline generators ranging in capacity from 0.9 –12 kVA in Japan, China, France, India, Thailand and US and supplies them to North America, Europe and various other countries around the world. The wide lineup of models is used for a diverse range of needs, such as an emergency power source in the event of a power failure, outdoor construction work, outdoor leisure activities and for disasters and other emergencies."

https://global.honda/products/power/generator.html#:~:text=Generators Honda produces approximately 46 thousand compact gasoline,Europe and various other countries around the world.

So don't be too quick to disregard Chinese inverter gensets.

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I can usually tell any other inverter genset from a Honda.  They always have a kind of a rattle to them. That 'Honda quiet' comes at a price.  The 2200s are great, but the 1000s can hardly be heard at all.

I recently had 2 Honda 2000's stolen at a campground on the Salton Sea.  They came on a windy, noisy night with bolt cutters.  Not a pleasant experience, but insurance helps.  I'm going to be extra careful from now on, but bringing generators in every night doesn't sound like fun.  I think the best theft deterrent is being invisible.

I got a new camo 2200 with bluetooth and CO monitor.  Very nice unit, and paired with my other one ( I had 3) can run everything - except the a/c AND the toaster at the same time.  I may need a 3rd one for that! I'm a BIG power user.

Neighbor killed the generator several hours ago so that's nice. There is a NO generator section here but it's smaller and harder for me to fit into.

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The first contractor clown left, but was replaced by another the next day, fortunately farther away from me.  This time it's a Craftsman, the loudest made.

This guy was even worse and his was still running at 10:30.  The host had to come bang on his door and tell him to shut it off.  I can't believe the thoughtlessness of some campers.

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