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FOR SALE: ~38 Acres in Mohave County, AZ, between Lake Havasu City & Kingman (UPDATE: Comes with solar electric & generator!)

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UPDATE: We are including the solar electric system and a generator in the sale of this property now. We have a real estate agent we are working with to simplify the process as well. Here is a listing with updated photos and lots of overhead shots, too!


~38 gorgeous acres located in the Stagecoach Trails development on the east side of Yucca, Arizona – about 9.5 miles east of “downtown” Yucca.

Conveniently located midway between Kingman and Lake Havasu City, you can be doing just about any type of shopping or recreation you’d like in under an hour. But you still get to enjoy the amazing quiet of the desert every night. Not to mention the views of mountains on every side of you, including the local icon, Flat Top.

RV hookups have already been installed, as well as a driveway and graveled clearing. That means you can just drive right in and live your life! This place is perfect for an occasional getaway or for full-time living.

This property is ZERO percent flood plain. Not all properties out here can say that. The property is relatively level throughout, which means you can use it. You aren’t losing land to hills, rocks, and flood areas.

This property is just far enough off Alamo Road that you don’t get the dust that many properties out here suffer from, but still close enough that your drive to get in and out of the development won’t take you forever.

The property is located on a dead end so there are days when literally nobody drives in this area. It is quiet and you will be left to your own business.

There is nothing “wrong” with this property. We were stationary for all of 2020 due to coronavirus and we’re ready to hit the road again.


  • Acreage: 38 acres, more or less
  • Parcel #: 243-10-005
  • County: Mohave County, AZ
  • Electricity: Solar electric system is installed, wiring installed around property, and also comes with generator
  • Septic: Already installed!
  • Water: Two 2500-gallon water tanks and pump already installed!
  • Structures: 14’x16’ building, 14’x16’ custom wall tent, 40’ high-top cargo container
  • Annual Taxes: ~$155
  • Annual POA dues: $145
  • Flood plain: 0%!
  • Available: May 1, 2021


Septic – Rated for 21 fixture units. Designed for multiple bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a kitchen. Installed brand-new in September 2020.

Water system – Two 2500-gallon water tanks and a pump system. Installed brand new in September 2020. Most people around here have water delivered. It is very affordable to do so – much more affordable than having a well put in and the water tastes great.

RV hookups – This property has two sets of electric, septic, and water hookups already installed and ready to connect to! More are possible.

Driveway and ~1-acre clearing – This ranch already has a driveway and over one acre of land cleared. You could literally drive right in with just about any vehicle (4WD is NOT required to get here or be here). The clearing is set back from the road so you have plenty of privacy even on the rare occasion someone drives through this part of the neighborhood.

Gravel – The clearing has $2,000 worth of gravel that covers about 1/4 of an acre. This not only looks great, but keeps the dust down and also keeps rodents away. The color of the gravel can be seen in one of the photos.

Cargo container – This property comes with a 40-foot-long high-top container. The high-top means you have plenty of extra head room for lots of storage or to build out the inside as you desire. These are currently hard to get a hold of and the prices are quite high. The orange one you see in the photos is the container that comes with the property.

12’x16’ stick-built building with a small deck – We built it ourselves and it is very well put together. It could be used for storage or whatever else you can think of. It has been drywalled inside and has high-traffic flooring already installed. It needs some exterior finishing work if you want it to look polished (if you don’t care, then it’s good to go!). It is very well insulated and has a metal roof to keep the heat off as well. We built a ramp to the door so it is very easy to access with any large items you might like to keep inside the building. It is just the right size to easily keep either warm or cool in this environment.

Large custom wall tent – This property also comes with a 14’x16’ canvas wall tent custom made for us by Colorado Yurt Company. The tent alone was over $4,000 brand new, and we just purchased it last summer. It is in excellent condition. We installed a custom door so it feels more like walking in and out of a building and you don’t have to deal with tent flaps when it’s breezy or you’re carrying something. We built the wooden platform and frame it stands on. It is on a combination of poured cement and wood framing. All this will be staying with the property. The tent has a UV resistant fly to keep the tent fabric in good condition and it also works great to keep precipitation off. The sides of the tent are fully lined with high-quality screen material, so you could roll up the canvas to be able to see out every side but still be protected from bugs.

Cell reception on all three major carriers – T Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon. We work full-time online and are able to work from this property with no issues by hot-spotting on our phones. We regularly are in Zoom meetings without any problem.

Garbage service – Not every property in this area can get garbage service, but this one can! Westside Disposal knows where this property is located and has a lot of options for dumpster size and frequency of pick-up.

UPS and FedEx delivery – This property has a real address! We filed a building permit and an address has been assigned to this property by the county. UPS and Fedex both know where this property is and have no issues delivering here. (USPS doesn’t serve the properties out here, but you can get a PO box in Yucca very easily. The postmaster is great!)

Lots of nature – Many different types of birds are seen regularly on the property, ranging from quail to shrikes to swallows to hawks. Also, cottontails and jack rabbits. At night you might see bats and owls. The property features many Joshua Trees as well as a variety of native shrubs, flowers, and grasses. We started creating a small trail system around the property for nice nature walks (it works well on a mountain bike, too!).

You can use the parcel number to locate the property. Please do not visit unannounced as this is our home. Please contact us. If after we speak with you and answer any immediate questions you have, you are still interested in the property, then we would love to have you come out and see it. We can give you turn-by-turn directions. Our address is not in Google Maps.

You could move in on May 1!

Price: $75,000 – Seller financing is NOT being offered and the sale will go through an escrow process for the safety of all involved. You must have the cash or be able to secure your own financing so that we are paid in full.

Email me if interested: info@offgridforever.net











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