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2001 Volvo Toter FOR SALE

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*This is a 2001 Volvo VNL 64T 770 Road Tractor refurbished to      pull a heavy 5th wheel RV

*This has the Volvo D12 Engine, rated @ 265hp, Rear wheel dyno'd at just over 400HP. No blow bye to speak of.

*735XXX Miles on the clock.

*This is a 3 pedal auto-shift truck with a 10 speed Eaton-Fuller transmission. 3 pedal means you use the clutch to launch and at a full stop. Other than that, the truck shifts up and down by it's self. The clutch also makes it easy to slide under the 5th wheel

*Due to a transmission coolant line leak, the original transmission failed catastrophically. The truck now has a remanufactured transmission, new bell housing, clutch, clutch plate, flywheel, and pilot bearing.

*This truck has the Table/Nook option under the upper bunk

*Fluids & Consumables will need to be updated this season.

*This truck has a fuel heater installed and the filter cartrige is at *about 50%.

*The fuel dryer is in good shape and will easily last the season.

*The coolant is about at the limit and should be checked, driver's choice on whether to change it.

*Steer tires are at about 96%

*Rear Drive tires are about 98%

*Rear Drive set has had the original final drive axle removed and the remaining axle shifted to the mid position

*The previous owner installed an aluminum bed. The bed was further modified to accept a set of folding, pin-on ramps (14' x 12") such that various motorcycles, smart cars and whatnot could be loaded by simply driving the machine aboard.

*A significant amount of unnessary wiring has been removed.

*A Jackalopee has been installed (converts Truck wiring to Trailer wiring)

*Added 2 additional breaker boxes, each with 10 circuits, one switched, one not so that additional electrical devices could bte added without affecting the Volvo tattletales.

*Added additional lighting and supporting wiring to conform to DOT standards

*Driver and Passenger seats are air adjustable

*All seating, flooring, and cushions have been reupholstered

*Seat heaters were installed during reupholstering

*Still has Microwave and Mini-Fridge on board

*Several small water leaks have been identified & repaired

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1 hour ago, rickeieio said:

The only pics I have are with Paul's truck in the background. Nothing showing the whole truck.  As it stands at the moment, Paul and Paula may be coming to the ECR next week, for a few days.  That would be a good opportunity to poke around and drive it.

We had hoped to be at the Rally, but Covid has made a mess of everything. Hopefully, I can fix the problem with my truck anyway and keep using it for work. Definitely plan to make some rallys soon. Jay

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