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Volvo vnl front shock recommendation


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1 hour ago, billr said:

If they haven’t been off for a long time, might have to use the Hot wrench. 

I had to do that.  Funny thing, the right side was very stubborn and came off in small chunks, but the left side was not frozen and came off as designed.  The right side lower bolt was the problem bolt on mine.

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The cab / sleeper suspension must be in top condition to get the best seat of the pants feel cruising down the road. Anyone remember the last Ford 9000 cab overs (aka "The Two Storey Edsel") with 4 corner cab air  suspension?  Anyhoo...

In my truck industry days these kits were very popular to stiffen the front suspension for off highway / high c of g work and to improve the front axle ride on tractors. Due to winter / summer cycle and general lack of timely maintenance our roads get a lot of cracks running straight across at 90 degrees to the lane. This condition can set up a pretty harsh ride in a class 8.  It can slop your coffee everywhere in a won ton towing on a "big fiver". 

The air psi in the air springs is controlled by the driver with a sensitive manual valve like a pusher axle uses. 

My KW T3 "baby 8" was ordered and built as a RV toter in 1998. The front suspension was modified and a Load Share kit installed. It has "variable" front suspension capacity and can be made to ride quite fluffy.

Canadian Load Share Suspension

Canadian Load Share

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