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Ever have bear trouble?

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5 minutes ago, Kirk W said:


That's why we checked out right after the bear checked into our campsite. I knew I wasn't going to get any sleep because of listening to every sound all night long. We later learned the bear stole three packs that night. I'm so glad we still had ours to pack everything out with us.


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Thanks everyone for a good read. Do koala stories count? Anyway you can keep your bear's. I'll keep our sharks, crocodiles, snakes, jelly fish, spiders, ....... hang on a minute. I think I'll go with the bears. 

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bruce t, an unfortunate situation. Most media has the mauling happening in Yellowstone National Park. It didn't. It happened in the Forest Service's Bakers Hole Campground just north of the town of West Yellowstone. We have camped in "the Hole" for the last 12 summers. I guess you could say "it is our favorite".

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I did not actually see a bear, but I did a really dumb thing when I was camped in the Fishing Bridge campground where they do not allow soft-sided campers because of bears.  I had a motorhome, so not soft-sided, but I decided I wanted a BLT sandwich for dinner, and I had a whole pound of bacon, so decided to cook it up all at once and refrigerate what I did not need for my sandwich.  After, I had the bacon all cooked and in the refrigerator, I took my trash out to the dumpster. 

Coming back, i discovered that my entire rig smelled wonderfully of bacon!  It suddenly occurred to me that this was a terrific bear invitation, so I had to scrub not only pans and dishes, but my stove top, backsplash, trash can, cupboards, underneath vent fan, floor, and walls before i got rid of the smell. 

I did have a raccoon move into my rear storage compartment in Florida.  The door was locked shut, but I had a habit of leaving the next door compartment door open for my electric cord.  I did not realize that an animal could enter through that door, and then climb into the rear compartment which was a pass-through and a cozy place for an animal to set up housekeeping.  She tore up half of a roll of paper towel into small pieces before I discovered her.  Once I opened the door, she flew out fast. 

Now, when I am in a wooded area where raccoons are a problem, I put my electrical plug through the small opening made for it and keep all compartment doors locked. 

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