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Returning RV for Inspections


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You can get the annual license each year by mail.  Normally, you have to have the vehicle inspected within 90 days of the license registration.  But, online you can order and pay the fee and check the box that you are out of state.  Then you are supposed to get the vehicle inspected within 72 hours of your return to the state.  Some people go a few years before they make it back to Texas.


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1 hour ago, JimSurfs said:

Does anyone know how often you have to return your RV to Texas for Inspections.

Technically you don't ever have to return to Texas to get your RV inspected. During each annual license renewal you can check that the vehicle is out of state, and there is no limit as to the number of consecutive times that can be checked. As stated above, if you do decide to return to the state the requirement is to be inspected within 72 hours. 

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