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I thought I submitted.


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I visited the Home and Outdoor Show in Tulsa today. Had planned to go to the one in OKC next weekend, but this one was a week earlier and a couple hours closer. 

I found the Steam cleaner I saw at the OKC show last year and was able to fit it on the motorcycle for the trip back home. Found lots of other things that I am interested in too. I have a pocket full of cards to go through and send emails with measurements and such. Not sure if I will purchase anything else, but I will let them give me their best deal. All were local merchants to Tulsa, except for the Steam cleaner. 

When I got home I decided to walk down to the river to see how much the rain raised it. I don't know if I posted here or not, but the park I am staying in had a 500 year flood in 2013 or 2015. I know 500 years haven't past yet, but they had "Flood" warnings last night so I thought I'd better check. I will also check with my insurance to make sure I have flood insurance. 

While at the river I had an idea. It hasn't been often, but it did happen. I have been  asked why my trailer was just White. My answer has been, that was the least expensive and it's cooler (temperature wise) than a darker color. On top of that I really don't care. Now back to the idea. I think I am going to look into having "Stop Littering" applied to all sides of my trailer. There was a lot of trash by the river and not the kind that is washed down during High Water events. It's stuff either thrown there by others the visit or stuff thrown from the bridge that is nearby. It may not do a lot, but it could help me feel better and then people won't ask me why my trailer is just White. 

Next time I go to the river I will take a bag with me and maybe a pair of plyers. Today I just used my hands, but couldn't bring as much as I saw so I only brought what I felt comfortable handling with my bare hands. My hands were full when I got home though. 

So back to the Show. There was a sign indicating masks had to be worn to enter. Apparently that didn't mean you had to wear it while walking around. Everyone was subjected to a "temperature" scan, but really, how accurate are they? I kept my mask in place and every time I touched anything  I would apply the alcohol hand cleaner that was scattered everywhere. I did not see anyone I felt was "under the weather" but I've been told people can have the virus and not be ill. Thankfully the venue was not as crowded as the event in OKC last year . 


Time to go look at my  steamer and see if it's worth what I paid for it. 



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I'd have taken the same precaution of distancing and wearing a good quality mask. People think waterboarding is the worst torture. Suffocation/drowning are horrific primal fears of humans. Contracting this disease and being unable to get enough oxygen, then dying alone is something I have no issue with doing whatever it takes to avoid. I do feel sorry for the folks that in their ignorance caught the virus, then suffered a horrendous death.

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30 minutes ago, RV_ said:

Contracting this disease and being unable to get enough oxygen, then dying alone is something I have no issue with doing whatever it takes to avoid.

 How very true! We lost a neighbor that way. She was pretty much recovered from covid when she contracted pneumonia and it was what she officially died of, and alone, in isolation. 

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