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How to look stupid without really trying.

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22 minutes ago, Alie&Jim's Carrilite said:

Because once you buy that auto shift... you won't have a glare supply anymore..... at least from the shifting issue....


Never had shifting issues, unless you count forgetting to put it neutral before letting the clutch out. Still never been low on glare juice. I seem to acquire new reasons for a liberal application daily.

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On 3/24/2021 at 1:23 PM, noteven said:

Kenworth has an air operated clutch option. It could contain parts that are useful.

The late Dave Mattson's truck had the Volvo air clutch in it.  It was amazingly easy to shift -- no more difficult to clutch than a one ton truck.

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15 hours ago, rickeieio said:

I don't know if our KW has the air assist, but it sure is easy.  I was a little concerned because my left knee sometimes gives me trouble, but it'll be fine.

“Our KW...”? Hmmmm .... anyways in a KW an “Easy pedal” clutch is usually paired with a Fuller trans, plus add the KW mechanical linkage designed to reduce pedal effort - they are really nice - in my little phart the pedal is less effort than the won ton Dodge...

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Today I found yet another way to un-impress the oldest grandson.  He's 19 and has a real job, working construction/demolition, and is around a lot of fairly big equipment.  So, he helped me do some small jobs, and I took him to lunch, in the KW.  First, my right arm keeps trying to shift the 10 spd, that was in our recently sold Mack, then, to make matters worse, I discovered that if you split a high gear, you must "un-split" to get to the lower 4, say going around a corner in a busy intersection.........  My face is still red.

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rick it is an ancient design feature of the Fuller compound transmission- that being ratios must be such that each and every time a truck is to be driven around a 90 deg corner the trans must be “split” out of high range into the “over there and back” awkward gear position vs the “over here and back” natural motion of the 10 spd. 

If it’s any consolation my truck has a 9 direct and requires the same pattern.


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The old Volvo/White/GMC had an 8 spd, with low, so maybe a 9 spd?  But. it went away in '07 when we got the Mack.

When I was still farm'n, we had 3 Macks, one with the Fuller 10, one with a Maxi-Torque 10, and one with a 8 spd Fuller.  Jumping from one to the next all day hauling out of the field was not fun, especially in the one with the Mack tranny.

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Posted (edited)
56 minutes ago, noteven said:

Yes the Mack 10spd is quite a thing.

That was rather diplomatic.  I used other words. To make matters worse, it's an "R" model.

So, when downshifting the 13, say from 8 high to 8 low, do I just flip the switch and gently blip the throttle?  Shifting up is super easy and smooth.

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rick - correct - you preselect the direct or overdrive position and immediately release torque on the trans to allow the range section to shift and do a smooth little throttle up to match the rpm.

Never move the selector in neutral - preselect it before moving the shift lever into & through the neutral gate.

Shifts can be made with the clutch (Eaton recommended) or by “floating” clutchless shifts by feel and matching rpm to driveline.

Practicing clutch shifting is a useful skill to learn when you need shifts to be made 1st attempt with fishing around to get a gear - like soft ground, slippery up the hill, skip shifting 3 gears because “holy crap that lane is steep” - and other such situations. 

Float shifting correctly is fine too. 

As an aside Eaton Autoshifts (3 pedals) float shift, Ultrashifts (2 pedals) clutch shift or float shift depending on accelerometer, wheel spin, vertical climb rate, afterburners, and other parameters.


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