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RV Flips & Bursts into Fire


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This was a few days ago in S California, near the I-5 & 91. Not much left of the pickup or toy hauler. The couple were dragged out of the pickup by a passing trucker before the flames took over. Still under investigation as to why the pickup & toy hauler flipped over. The crash was about 1:30 AM and no other vehicles involved, so I suspect the driver dozed off and then over corrected, but thats just a guess. The flames were so extensive that you'll hear the fireman in the video say, we're running out of water, and they finish with a portable extinguisher. here's the video link


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Spraying water on a magnesium fire only intensifies the fire by adding oxygen that is why you see the fire flare-up when he sprayed water on the vehicle. Before firefighters arrived I saw the flareup from LP tanks overexposure valve open.

At the 5:50 mark the driver says his girlfriend put her hand on his shoulder and woke him up. At the 7:16 mark he said he was driving barefoot.

It's good he did not harm anyone else.

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Thru their arrogance and carelessness endanger the lives of others on the road. Maybe he/she should.  And no I have never driven a car barefoot or flown a helicopter barefoot unlike idiots like him/her.  Happy Statin Chloroquine user here.



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7 hours ago, 2gypsies said:

When I click on the link above it's on Bill Perkins - Exotic Living &Travels in Far East.  

The report I saw was interviewing the owner & he said she was driving.

The video in the initial post, watch again from the 5:50 mark. He states his name then describes happenings.

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in the video, he said she woke him up, he did not say he was driving

at 6:03-04 when asked by the reporter, he clearly says she was driving, he was sleeping

he later says he had a hard time breaking the windows out in his bare feet, not that he was driving bare footed, he was sleeping bare footed, and was woken by his girlfriend when she lost control of the truck 

(all the TV news reports and the police report states she was the driver, he was sleeping) 

Not that it matters that much who was driving, just a spectacular crash & fire, that they were lucky to walk away from

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The pickup passenger and the truck driver appear to be describing a "trailer sway incident" follow obviously by a "crash and burn."

Every once in a while I get grumbling about the rough ride of my truck or pickup - then I recall why I don't necessarily want to be inside my house with all the pots and pans and things flying around when there is a loss of directional stability and unplanned stop "event".

Really glad no one was seriously injured. 

Great work by the truck driver assisting. 

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4 hours ago, 2gypsies said:

I watched the link again in the first post.  She was driving. He was asleep barefooted. 

If they had toys in the RV then they, most likely, were also hauling gas cans which probably added a lot to the fire.

Good thought about gas for the "toys".  I believe some Toy Haulers have a built in gas tank just for the "toys".  Maybe the tank was damaged and started leaking.  


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