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Looking for a travel trailer to start my adventure


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My wife and 11 year old son and I want to get into the RV thing.  My work is all remote so I am thinking of some extended trips 30 days or so as to get the feel of it.  I have a Nissan Pro-4x and am looking a different SUV around or that has a little over the same GVWR so for that reason I am looking at a travel trailer under 6100 GVWR.  I would also like one that has a door to the master bedroom to get a little privacy.   What lengths and brands do you suggest?  We were thinking of hitting some national parks and stuff in the process.  Is that enough info to get some advice?  Thanks in advance.  

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Welcome to the Escapees Forum!!!

This calculator and this article on the relationship between tow vehicle wheelbase and trailer length may be of interest to you and help in selecting a trailer and tow vehicle. SUVs are often shorter wheelbase than pickups and thus more prone to trailer sway. Hybrid trailers and rear slide trailers offer more living space while keeping the length of the closed trailer shorter. The payload capacity of SUVs and half ton pickups is often the limiting factor in what they can tow. The maximum tow rating and payload is often calculated using a 150# driver, less than a full tank of gas and based on a trailer with a much smaller frontal area than a full height RV. Pop-up trailers and trailers like the TrailManor have less wind resistance. I suggest selecting a trailer first and then selecting an appropriate tow vehicle.

Again, Welcome to the Escapees Forum!!!

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9 hours ago, sandsys said:

They also have dorm-size refrigerators and few upper cupboards so living in one for a month at a time would be challenging for most families.

There are many people who manage that and for far longer than a month. Our present small trailer has one of those refrigerators and we have "managed" to live in ours for as long as 5 months. That said, I suspect that he is wanting something more substantial than a pop-up too and if he has the ability to tow up to 6000#, there are quite a few options available in the ultra-lite market that may work for him. Our 4000# travel trailer does not have the bedroom door that he is looking for, but there are some that do which fall into the 5000# weight class. 

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That 6100 lb. GVWR is going to be limiting as far as having a door for a little privacy.

As was pointed out, an SUV can be more limiting than the Nissan Pro-4X (I looked it up, it’s a Titan model, it’s max ratings are good).  Of course, manufacturers “up to...” figures often are for specific configurations and what you want might not fit that configuration.  Quite often the limiting factor of an SUV is the payload - they tend to have less payload than a half-ton truck (not always).

In addition to the Jayco line, you might also look at some of the Lance trailers Lance Trailers , they are known for light-weight trailers.  The 2075 might work for you (6200 lb. GVWR and a separate bedroom), though my impression of it when I looked at one is that it’s designed more for couples than families.

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Two members of my family have bought link to Ameri-lite by Gulf Stream. I think they are 259BH. The Ameri-lite line is a basic trailer, but I was impressed because the freshwater tank was enclosed under the bed, it looked to be fully insulated walls, ceiling and floor  and we have had them in 20° with no freezing problems.  I do not believe the roofs are walk on.  

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