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Report: Tesla to boost Texas energy grid that nearly collapsed with secret mega-battery


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This story is from Austin Texas TV station KXAN. Texans writing for Texans. Oh, and Musk is now a Texas resident.

Fellow investors, Elon Musk is moving his personal residence to Texas, along with much of Space X manufacturing, and the Tesla Texas Gigafactory is rushing to completion along with a new Texas power grid battery! I guess it was secret because Texan oil and gas good ol boys aren't receptive to new technology. They had better become renewable energy producers in tandem with the fall of their revenues as the world goes electric. Texas is getting a ton of jobs from Musk's Space X, Tesla, and the Cybertruck manufacturing there at the new Texas Gigafactory.  Look out F-150!


"AUSTIN (KXAN) — A subsidiary of Tesla has quietly been building an enormous battery in Angleton, Texas, a city 40 miles south of Houston and just north of Lake Jackson, according to a new report in Bloomberg. The battery is so large it could power 20,000 homes even on a hot summer day.

The Tesla subsidiary is called Gambit Energy Storage LLC. Workers have covered up most equipment, but Bloomberg confirmed that property records show Gambit shares the same address as a Tesla facility in Fremont, California.

This comes at an interesting time as the state’s power grid and the reliability of that grid is an emergency item for lawmakers this legislative session. The power grid came just four minutes away from a complete collapse during last month’s winter storm.

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas operates and manages the deregulated market for three-quarters of Texas. When it started forcing mandatory outages across the state, millions of Texans lost power — some for almost a week — with sub-freezing temperatures dipping into the single digits.

Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk, who recently moved to Texas, sharply criticized ERCOT for being unreliable.

The ERCOT CEO and a half dozen board members have already resigned. The chairwoman of the Public Utility Commission of Texas, which oversees ERCOT, also resigned.

Now it appears Tesla plans to help add power to the energy grid with a 100 megawatt battery. Gambit Energy Storage is registered with ERCOT, and ERCOT told Bloomberg the project could be operational as early as June 1.

Source: https://www.kxan.com/news/business/report-tesla-to-boost-texas-energy-grid-that-nearly-collapsed-with-secret-mega-battery/

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I spent many months in the 70s flying helicopters offshore from that entire area Kirk so yes I am very familiar with that entire area chum.  Many years ago I remember photos of serious wind damage and area flooding in the Angleton area from a powerful hurricane. 

Many if not most Texans said the recent severe Ice storm would never occur in their state.


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Thats right durango Angleton is only 16 plus direct miles from coast and 13 miles from large Bastrop and Christmas bays that are part of larger bay system.   I have flown helicopters offshore from airfields and bases at both Angleton and Lake Jackson and all along Texas and LA coast. I don't know where Kirk got 50 miles.  Too quick  with inaccurate info.  Capt. Woke here.

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4 hours ago, Kirk W said:

We wintered at an NWR nearby 3 times and shopped there. But I'll yield to you experts.

Kirk you are a real ambassador for SKPs here encouraging new folks with blatant rude comments like that. Have you been promoted to admin yet or weekend moderator still? I saw where you locked a thread about the Texas storm where no one was out of line.

If you are the "expert" then why did you not post before I did. Man you are rude a lot when you think someone got in your rice bowl.

There are several other battery plants being built in Texas in addition to the Tesla one. I was waiting for you to chime in or other Texas Escapee "experts."

So I'll post them and you can be rude to me.

This just in from the "experts" at KXAN in Austin:


"100 MW plant also being built in Travis County

Key Capture Energy is working on a 100 megawatt battery storage project in Travis County, as well as two other smaller projects elsewhere in the state.

This will increase KCE’s battery storage more than 500 percent.

Including Tesla and KCE, there are at least four energy companies building massive battery storage plants in Texas."

Source: https://www.kxan.com/news/business/report-tesla-to-boost-texas-energy-grid-that-nearly-collapsed-with-secret-mega-battery/



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Thanks RV for more good news about other Tesla battery plants. The south Texas nuclear power plant is also located in the area and is a very hardened facility but many experts still worry about it during a powerful hurricane. 

I have also flown offshore from Freeport, Port O Conner, Sabine Pass, Galveston and old Pearland airfields so remember the inland area well. Also lived in Lake Jackson for a few months. In late 90s kayak fished the bays from Port A to Rockport to Matagorda, etc.

Kirk likes to question or disagree with me on almost every comment or post I make because I am not a member of.  Happy Statin User here


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If you have the money to buy the batteries for several megawatts of power that is a good investment in Texas.  

Charge them only when you are able to buy cheap electric for a few cents a kilowatt hour and then sell it back when the grid will pay you several dollars or at times, many, many dollars a kilowatt hour.

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