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Lower Rear Air Bags


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I would like to change my rear end air bag height by 2 inches.  Can I do so safely and easily?  My A/C trips over height sensor at a tunnel I70 but only going east bound.  Will my drive line still be within spec?

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45 minutes ago, Cotreker said:

I would like to change my rear end air bag height by 2 inches

You know as we get older we get shorter.  I'm sure in time you will get that 2" just naturally.  LOL

I just couldnt help myself.  Sorry.

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2 hours ago, rickeieio said:

Did you measure your height to be sure it's your truck and not the highway sensor?  I know, silly question, but it's the basics......

It only trips going East and 50% of time it does not trip. Have measured at 13' 4".

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I have adjusted my rear level valve to the other holes in the lower bracket, with no ill effects.

I currently have the valve arm in the centermost hole.  Others on the forum, may opine that this will change the driveshaft angle to a point the carrier bearing will need to be adjusted.

I suspect a minor adjustment from hole to hole would likely keep the angles within spec, but I do not know this for sure.

Tire pressure may also lower the truck enough to bring your truck overall height a little as well.

My thought is a fully loaded 53 foot trailer would move the rear suspension up and down as much as moving the level arm one hole or so.  


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1 hour ago, Cotreker said:

Never touched the leveling arm.  Is there one for each axle or only one?  Picture would be great or come by it is 60 today need this really bad the east bound guy knows me by name.

My 780 has only one for all the bags.....I know some earlier Volvos had more that one valve.  Here is a pic of the holes...sorry about the mud - dirt roads in the mountains...



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