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Four people jump out of a airplane


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   Let’s say you have never had a cold. In like getting the flu or just a plain old fashion cold.


  If you never did then do not continue to read this subject.


  But if you personally have had a cold or flu in your life, read on.


  Now should I get a vaccine or not for the covid 19.

 Let’s say me and three other people are going to go skydiving. Our instructor is going to toss three parachutes out the door. I said 3 only. But there are 4 people jumping. Ok only three parachutists will survive. The forth will never be a parachutists as that person never get a parachute  to become a parachutists.


  So let’s replace the first parachute with a Moderna vaccine and call it red.


  So next we replace the second parachute with a Pfizer vaccine and call it white.


  Then we replace the third parachute with a Johnson & Johnson vaccine and call it blue.



  Now would or should I be a red, white or Blue person.



iii really do not want to be the person that was not a parachutists.



  Really folks, take care and be safe,

  Vern in a T-shirt    I don’t care what color I get, i will be a parachutists 

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I don't understand your question.   You take whatever is offered where every you are when you qualify for the vaccine.  You will not have a choice when you walk/drive into where ever the vaccinations are being given.   And there are more possibilities on the horizon, so by next year, you might have a choice of what to take for the booster if they have added something to protect against a new variant.  

All will keep you from DYING, and whether or not you get sick depends upon so many variables it isn't worth trying to figure out.   All will require boosters in the next year or so as we learn MORE about the virus and the various mutations.   While I am sure everyone wants one vaccine and be are done, that was never going to happen.  We will get boosters, as we do for so many vaccines because we have found out that very few vaccines are one and done.     And who knows, it may end up being part of our yearly vaccine stop for 'current respiratory viruses' being transmitted around the world.    

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1 hour ago, Wrknrvr said:

i really do not want to be the person that was not a parachutists.

I agree. For most of us the best choice is whichever brand is available to you first.  Since the covid is here, we could all find ourselves on that plane. 

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Dr. Fauci was on TV very early this morning and said whichever initial  vaccine you receive, any future booster might be from Johnson & Johnson because it is a one-dose vaccine, easier to store, and might be the easiest to modify for any variant strain of SARS-CoV-2.

I think I heard that, can't be sure, I was in the ER of the local hospital again.

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  First of all I am riding on a white parachute today. I will land and get my second shot on Thursday. Three weeks after the first shot. Then I will considered myself a parachutists. That is in this situation.

I am not going to jump out of a perfectly good airplane, ever.


  Now as for not getting on a plane in the first place. That thought was not to be included in this post.

  So let’s say the only place there is not covid for sure might be on the international space station. I do not know that. Although I have personally shook hands with two astronauts. I would not want to take over a rocket. 

  My brother worked on the space shuttle program and became a friend of one of the astronauts. My brother was getting a award at Langley Air Force base in Virginia and invited me to attend. He did introduce me to two astronauts that were in attendance. That is how I was able to shake hands with two astronauts.


  Safe landing,    Vern in a T-shirt 

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19 hours ago, bruce t said:

We all make decisions all of our lives. Even getting in the car is a calculated risk. Do you get the flu vaccine is a calculated risk. Enough decisions of our own without telling others what to do.



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