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Full Time RV'er Insurance-Progressive Address Change...

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I bought my insurance via Miller. My policy is with Progressive. I'm preparing for Texas domicile and have to change address to 257 RAINBOW DR. 

Looks like I can change address online but not sure if I have to proclaim I'm a full time RV'er now. I've been using a friends address for the past few months then my PO box. I hadn't intended to full time for sure and stumbled into it. Been a few months of not looking for a rental so here I am!

I figure the 257 RAINBOW DR is red flagged and as soon as I enter that it will trigger something with progressive.....I just don't know......

Should I call up Miller of Progressive or just use the online address change?


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A full-timer policy offers different coverage than a part-timer one. I would call Miller to be sure I had what I needed. I'd rather pay more now than find out later I didn't have what I needed.

Also, read your policy when it comes. Progressive once sold a policy that was immediately void since we didn't meet its requirements even though we told them our situation up front.


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1 hour ago, Danandfreda said:

Might want to check the address our escapees address is 175 rainbow dr

Ours is 106, but there are many different ones there. With more than 15,000 addresses, there are several different numbers, and they do reissue those that have been dropped. 

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10 hours ago, Danandfreda said:

just different pmb numbers. 

I'm not sure how many different street addresses there are or how many box numbers per address, but there are a lot of different street numbers. Another thing you might find of interest is that the zip code for our addresses is different from that of the business office. For our mail boxes we use 77399 but the business office is 77351. 

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If you ever have a chance to take a tour of the mail facility, do so.  It's like a regular post office with modern equipment.

Years ago Livingston had a bad ice storm and employees couldn't get in.  They recruited some volunteers (us) to help sort mail - the old way; before the modern equipment.  A month or so later we were talking to a SKP and he mentioned something was sent to his mail in January and he just now received it.  That was at the time we did the sorting.  Surely, we couldn't have made a mistake and put it in the wrong slot! 😏

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