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HDT conversion in florida


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HI MY NAME IS LENIUSKA, i live in florida, my husband and I we have a HDT that we are trying to get the titles converted in a motorhome but when i check the requirements they say i can not put a fifth wheel on the back. There is any conversion that allows me to put the fifth wheel ? 

Also the insurance is a problem i have been trying to put insurance on my HDT but they say is a comercial trucks so the offer me comercial insurance. My question is how i can use my HDT to pull my fifth wheel and not having to pay comercial insurance? Or how can i register my truck for personal use so i can pull my fifth wheel.


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6 minutes ago, Leni said:

But for the comercial policy  you need to have CDL class A to drive it and also the truck need to have DOT number?

Not in Texas. It is for non commercial use. Should not be in Florida either. If you get a commercial policy for commercial use, yes. Some states register duallys commercial. Not uncommon. Only if it is used commercially will it need DOT and you cdl

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5 minutes ago, usbusin said:

I am sure someone will chime in here, but my understanding is that Florida does not allow a private party HDT to pull a 5th wheel trailer.

That is correct, but only for an RV. You can register it as a private truck, but that's significantly more than an RV would be. Jay

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As Jack stated, Florida will NOT allow you to register your tractor as a motorhome. Our Kenworth was a fully equipped (kitchen/ bathroom w/shower/ full sized bed, etc) tractor with 170" of living quarters exactly like a small Class C type motorhome inside. But as long as the fifth wheel (or a gooseneck) hitch was attached to the tractor and the intent was to pull a fifth wheel RV or gooseneck type of trailer, it could not be legally registered within Florida. Not to say that a person could not temporarily remove the hitch, register the tractor as a "motorhome" and then replace the hitch afterwards and then run illegally with it. For us, the risk were to great! I will scan and post the Florida documents pertaining to this given to us by DMV and which clearly define this restriction.

So, we currently run under a Florida registration which classifies our Volvo as a type "RMR" vehicle, and because we registered the GCVWR at less than 55K are not required to pay the Heavy Highway Use Tax which runs about $550.00/ year. Our annual plate (sticker) renewal will run slightly more than $300/year. If you find a better deal to legally register your tractor/toter, please share it as we too would be interested.

Someone put this here on this site but i haven't be able to contact him. 

I don't know what RMR means and i look for it but nothing came up

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