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driver door accident with Smartcar


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Those small rear view mirror got me yesterday. Did not see that car. Oh well, it happens. Anyway, I replaced the door panel. Window won't go down. Gap at top of window. Removed panel and adjusted window but had to remove bolt from slot, pull out to where bracket side of slot and use washer to hold. Frame of door is bent in about and inch or so. Do ya'll think I can pull it out with a come a long. Thinking of going to property and hook up to a tree. Car may just slide sideways. It is rather light. 

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6 minutes ago, NeverEasy said:

Ouch!  I just put a small round convex mirror on mine to help with that blind spot.  I had two close calls prior.  I hope this fixes it.

You might have to tie the other side to a tree to keep the thing from sliding.  Good luck with the fix.



Hadn't thought of that. Wished I had asked about earlier. Might have prevented this. Got plenty of trees. Can definitely tie it down. Did get a ticked for this. I expected such. I have adjusted that mirror all kinds of ways. Like you close calls before. I think the main issue is the car is so narrow that your placement on the road limit visibility.

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1 hour ago, Darryl&Rita said:

Door frame is only aluminum, works pretty easy with basic persuasion methods. Pop the door skin off, massage away.

Are you sure. It seemed rather stout. Actually may be more work to straighten the aluminum. It doesn't have memory like steel. It was a glancing blow. So car went down the length of the door. Their is a slight flatten spot in the rear adjacent to door. But that not real noticeable. The length of that brace is slightly bowed to inside. 

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