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Tesla Dip and progress on Texas Gigafactory video


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Tesla stock price dip may make another buy opportunity for those who have kept up with it.

The Texas Cybertruck Gigafactory is taking shape along with the Berlin factory and the ramping up of production in China.

Tesla Gigafactory Austin 4K Day 214 - 2/21/21 - Terafactory TX - GIGA TEXAS BRIDGE CRANE BEAM DAY!


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Tesla Gigafactory 4 Berlin | Chimney installed | February 21, 2021 | DJI Mavic 2 Pro 4K Video

Tesla is set for another record Quarter. Furthermore we dive into Giga Berlin News and the Giga Austin construction site. With around 25k cars made in Giga Shanghai Tesla is likely to produce around 75-85 thousand cars in the first quarter. With a rate of 125 thousand coming from Fremont a record of 200k and slightly above of that gets more likely. Especially as we have seen over the last 2 months a increase from 22k towards 25k which could bring a outcome of around 30k in march in Shanghai if everything goes according to plan.

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