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4 hours ago, Jim & Alice said:

Kirk, if you delete the browser cookie for the WSJ, it resets the counter.   I find I can get 3 viewings before having to reset.

Just fyi for folks.

You are the third person to post this, so far. And I replied to the first of the posts to say that I'd forgotten about that and had already done so. 

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35 minutes ago, packnrat said:

like everything, even this too shall pass.

i do not know the when where or how,

but the flu of 1918 was around for 3 years. and that was with no political involvement problems. (at least history does not say).

H1N1, the virus name for the 1918 Pandemic virus is STILL around.   Same virus caused the "Swine" flu,  it is endemic world wide and passes easily from livestock to humans back to livestock.  I am one of those who had the 1976 vaccination for Swine Flu because we were bringing home a premie who would be extremely vulnerable to the infection.    One of the many sub variants of Influenza A viruses.   

As to the political involvement - President Wilson did not acknowledge that our soldiers on the ships to Europe that summer had a flu that came out of the midwest, probably linked to chicken and pig farmers.  First identified in a military camp in the SPRING of 1918, it became rampant in European war area in August of 1918.    Spanish Flu and nothing to do with Spain, except that they were the first to describe symptoms, and warn that is way very contagious and moved quickly through populations.   CDC page on H1N1

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