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I got my Pfizer Covid First Dose 13 Feb 21

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Here in CO the major health care systems all cooperate on getting us done. My first was a no minute wait as they have us each with a separate appointment. I had to show my military insurance and medicare cards for the first visit. They made an appointment for my second visit and gave me a CDC COVID vaccination card with all my inf from the first shot and my appointment for my second shot at the same place at 6:30 pm. There were plenty of parking spaces as it was in a tiny strip mall on the edge of a Kohl's parking lot.

It was the same routine for Lynda, except for the place, when she got her first Pfizer shot last Friday. Hers was downtown.

She felt a bit "woozy" that evening, took an Alleve and felt better in a half hour. minor tenderness at the injection site like a flu shot the next day.


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19 hours ago, RV_ said:

I had to show my military insurance and medicare cards for the first visit.

I am curious why they would want military insurance as COVID shots are covered in full by Medicare. We finally got appointments for our first shots this coming Tuesday at UT Health. They never even asked about insurance at all only that we show up with picture ID and the QR code from the email validating our appointment.


After you have scheduled your appointment, you will receive a QR code that must be printed and brought to your appointment or shown on the screen of your smartphone along with a government issued photo identification.  Your QR code is unique only to you and will be verified against your photo identification.

Interesting how different states are doing it differently. The lack of uniformity of process suggests to me that there will be a lack of uniformity in end results. 

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For some of the big facilities, the administration of shots will be handled by the federal government in some other way than the way individual pharmacies will bill for administration.    Think about Medicare being SWAMPED trying to pay for each injection via individual claim requests.   We were asked when we signed up for the original ones, if we had Medicare.   I think for these (and I have no proof, but it makes sense) that the system running the big drive through injection sites will coordinate with the feds via some form to say we gave X number of shots to Medicare recipients and be compensated for it.

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I'm not sure why there is so much concern with who is paying for covid vaccine and vaccinations, and how they get paid. Since there are several different organizations giving the vaccinations, it doesn't seem that surprising that there is more than one approach. In our case, we were vaccinated by a pharmacist from a local pharmacy that is authorized to give the shots and they are supplied through the normal distribution systems. Our community has more than 600 residents, plus the staff and there were 2 different pharmacies involved, one giving Pfizer and the other Moderna. Everyone who desires the vaccine here has been given it and none of us had to pay anything out of pocket. That is what I consider to be important. 

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