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Single, 80 with 30' 5th wheel for full time RVing

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16 hours ago, Jaydrvr said:

We use Life 360 to track our family members, or at least those of us that want to be tracked. It allows us to know when someone will arrive, or where the "Ancients" are today on their travels. Jay

I seem to remember the HDT members used the location website I mentioned, that was perhaps 10-12 years ago.

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I am a 77-year-old woman and have been divorced for about 35 years.  It was hard at first to be alone, but you do get used to it, and in fact, i really prefer it now because I make all my own decisions.  I even teach half-time online, which gives me something to do although I am thinking of cutting back on that so I have more time for reading.  I have satellite TV, and a couple of WIFI hot spots so I keep in touch with friends and family, and really I am not lonely. 

I retired at age 69, bought a 32' motorhome, sold my condo and most belongings, and took off.  I have drive 153,000 miles and am still on the road, moving about every week or two.  Physically, a few things are getting a little harder, but I am hoping to keep doing this for at least another few years.  Had a friend who quit at age 89, so there is hope.  Frankly, being short and not being mechanically handy is more of a handicap than my age.  If you did not already have a truck, I would say that you are better off with a medium-sized motorhome. Motorhomes without towing are easier to handle and set up as you get older. 

When I started out 9 years ago, my younger son said I would die in a fiery crash before I made it 200 miles down the interstate.  I told him I could also sit in my living room and watch TV for 20 years and die in my recliner.  At least in traveling, I would have tried and done something.  And I have made it a LOT farther than 200 miles and am still kicking and still enjoying life! 

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Thoughts for Texsinbad, If you are new to this RV traveling I would think it best to try it out for a while as cheaply as you can get into it. Maybe for a year or so. You can always up grade. Many people find that it is not for them. Others love it. Motorhomes and RVs are expensive but do not retain there value. So buying new and selling a year later is a an expensive lesson. So sorry for your loss of wife and the timing. I wish you the best. 



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Bit late to the party.....but.  I was 40 when I got my BSW (took 20 yrs to find out what I wanted to be when I grew up)- well kinda.

Took Motorcycle lessons at 60, some  people suggest I might be to old.  My response was, I can't do it any younger!  For 40+ year I asked friends spouse/s to go with me on a float down the Colorado River  through the Grand Canyon.  A couple of years ago I sad f#*(( &*, all and went alone.  OMG, life changing!

Now a couple of years a later I found something I want to more than work at a place enjoyed doing a job I loved.  I want to see the USA and hopefully parts of Canada.  I want to stop at a crossroads and flip a coin as to what road I take. To take detours and not have to be anywhere besides were I am.  See, go to, do things "I" want to do.   When and where I want to do them.  I don't care how old I am, I couldn't do it any younger!!!!

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