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RV site available on 1 acre farm in South Florida for family with 4-6 year old child


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I am not sure if this is the correct place to post this, so if not, please let me know where would be a good place. 

We are looking for an RV family to stay with us on the farm and provide child care while I work.  I am a single father of a 4 year old daughter.  I am keeping her out of preschool due to Covid and also believe children do better learning thru hands on play rather than sitting at a desk.  We live on a small farm in Loxahatchee, FL and have space for someone to park an RV with electric and water.  I am looking for someone with a child or children that would like to exchange child care for parking on the farm and hook ups.  I also need help with cleaning and/or light farm work that I can pay for. 

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I do not know the person here, but have stayed in the Loxahatchee area many times and have stayed on private property and it worked out well. You do have to be careful about the "Well Water" if they are providing. I had an issue with the "Sulfur Smell" in my RV that they didn't have in the house. I then found the huge filter/softener system. 

I would only stay in the winter time. Summer in that area is not my cup of tea. 


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