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Dometic 320 toilet


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Wow, what an experience with Dometic and the highly rated model 320.  It is touted to have a bowl sweeping rinse.  Yes it will if you use the hand sprayer.

After lots of fussing with Dometic service, they finally agreed to replace it with a cheaper toilet with no compensation for the cheaper toilet.  

I had ordered it from PPL Motorhomes in Houston and they agreed to refund my money.  Dometic PPL them and told them that they would not warranty the toilet to them as it worked properly.  It did not measure up to their advertising literature.

At least PPL Motorhomes is an honorable company and looks to customer satisfaction. 

In the long run, I decided to repair my old Thetford Style Magic Plus with $50 worth of parts again.  Stick with the devil you know.


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On 2/4/2021 at 4:43 PM, TXiceman said:

Wow, what an experience with Dometic and the highly rated model 320.  It is touted to have a bowl sweeping rinse.  Yes it will if you use the hand sprayer.

Sorry you had a bad experience, Ken, but we have the 320 without a sprayer and it swirls the water around the bowl very well even using the onboard water pump. I would never go back to a Thetford. We're very satisfied with the Dometic but clearly other folks mileage may vary.

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I wanted a High Quality toilet in my rig when it was built. The Toilet cost over $700 and looked good. Less than three years later it still looks good but I have to pour water in it to Flush and it will not hold water in the bowl very often for more than a few minutes. I removed it, rebuilt the cheap plastic "hardware" a couple times and frankly it's easier to just add water from the bathroom sink and collect water from hand washing and reusing it to flush. 

The Offending Piece of Crap (pun intended) is the THETFORD Aria Classic. It looks like the price of it have gone down considerably or the mark up was very high in 2013. 

I'm still using it for liquids, but have converted to a no solids in any tanks except for the very fine food items that remain on the plates or cooking utensils that are not caught in the strainer for the drain. At some point I may consider a compost, or incinerating replacement, but only if I can find one that looks as good and fit's the spot. 

I'm sure I've seen and maybe used a Dometic , but have never owned one for any length of time. I do not recall the unit in my first trailer, it worked, but was plastic and not the shape I prefer. 



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One issue with the Dometic 320 is the flush valve.  The pedal is connected to the valve by a small piece of plastic, and they have a record of breaking.  To make matters worse, Dometic does not sell replacement flush valve parts, so when it breaks you have to buy a new toilet.

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