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Tesla opens its new Supercharger factory


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When we first talked here on the forums about Tesla, Space X, and getting cheaper energy the biggest objection to BEVs was no charging network, previously 50-100 miles of range and recharging took over night daily.

Tesla resolved the first "Range Anxiety" objections by making his cars with ranges over 275 mi. to 350 mi. and more range per charge.

But most importantly he built out a Tesla only charging network and made up of Superchargers and Destination chargers which are much slower. Superchargers are for faster charging and you can today at the newest Superchargers charge your car in 30-45 minutes, soon to be 15-30 minutes with combined battery and Supercharger upgrades. Destination chargers are at Zoos, Disneyworld, ski resorts where you park most of the day. In that situation it's fine to have slower charging just to top off.

Musk's problem was/is not designing and building the cars, batteries, trucks, Superchargers, and factories. It is making enough batteries and chargers as the vehicle production is scaling up ahead of demand for the new vehicles (Cyber Truck, HD Semi Tractor, the $25k Model 2, and the new roadsters. Lots of renewable clean energy coming online about the time (2025-2035) that all the competitive Electric VWs, GM cars and trucks, Ford Cars and Trucks and all the rest of the current as gas and diesel, personal and commercial manufacturers switch to electric. We have covered advances promised in Fusion, and more energy efficient electrical products from Cell phones to electric planes, in other threads here.

This topic is how Tesla will be able to significantly speed up expansion of our Supercharger network by making a new factory to produce them in China.


Tesla has started production at its brand new Supercharger factory in Shanghai, and it is expected to greatly accelerate the growth of the Supercharger network.

Tesla Supercharger Factory

Originally, Tesla was producing its Supercharger stations in Fremont, California.

With the launch of the Supercharger V3 last year, the automaker moved production to Gigafactory New York, where it also produces its solar roof tiles.

The move enabled Tesla to increase production as it expands the network with the more powerful Supercharger V3 stations.

In 2020, Tesla accelerated deployment and recently installed its 20,000th charger in the Supercharger network.

Last year, we learned that Tesla was also planning to build a factory to produce Supercharger stations in China.

At the time, it was reported that Tesla’s new plant located near Gigafactory Shanghai could go into operation as soon as February 2021, and they stuck to that timeline.

Now the automaker has announced that it already started production at the new factory: (from Weibo account of Tesla’s Charging Team in China – translated from Chinese):

“Today, Tesla Shanghai Supercharging Station Factory was officially put into production with the strong support of Shanghai governments at all levels and Tesla’s rapid advancement, the Tesla Shanghai Super Charging Station Factory was officially completed and put into production, representing the industry’s leading the third-generation supercharging pile (V3) was officially off the assembly line. The project took less than half a year from the formal establishment of the project in August 2020 to the official production, which once again reflects the speed of Shanghai and Tesla.”

Tesla shared pictures of the first Supercharger station produced at the new factory:


The new factory is reportedly going to be able to produce up to 10,000 Supercharging stalls per year.

Considering Tesla only recently surpassed 20,000 Supercharger stall deployed after building the network for the last eight years, it is safe to say that the new factory will greatly accelerate the growth of the Supercharger network."

Source: https://electrek.co/2021/02/03/tesla-opens-supercharger-factory/

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BTW, we have cameras all around our cars for autopilot, full autonomous when out of beta, and we have a place to stick a USB thumb-drive that can do some interesting things. I can have my rear camera on while driving now and they added side views for backing that lets me see both sides before I can see them from the driver's seat. This Tesla owner made a 13 minute collection of the best of his stored videos front, sides, and back here:


And here is a Beta full self driving Tesla: https://www.tesla.com/autopilot?redirect=no

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