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Wanted Thousand Trails or Other Camping Membership

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Why do you think that is the way to go?  Not saying you are wrong, but how much experience have you had?  What type of experience?  Are you going to be weekenders/2week vacation or long-timing or full-timing.    

You might want to try a TT Zone Pass.  One year, do not have to renew, but will give you a chance to try out their parks in your zone (usually 30 days with no extra charge with the yearly dues) for very little investment.

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Most everyone recommends Campground Membership Outlet for both selling and purchasing used Thousand Trails memberships.  They make their money from the transfer fees, so it doesn't cost you any extra for using their service.  Also, they have a reputation for responding to inquiries quickly.  Their website is: https://www.campgroundmembershipoutlet.com/ 

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Our "plan" is to travel 2-3 months at a time and then return home for a month, and do it again.

IF we stick to our plan, we will be camping 7-9 months a year, and not being rich, we thought about buying a camping membership.

If we end up not liking it, most plans can be resold, and might not lose much.

With all of the other newbies, camp sites will be hard to find, that is why we are looking at a higher level membership that you can reserve further in advance and have more camping days.


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In your situation I would buy the TT Zone Pass and try it for one year. You talk about a higher level membership but what happens if you dont like it ???  Some people love TT but many others not so much.

If you would buy a TT membership most times you are locked in for 5 years. Thats 5 years of dues costing in excess of $500 a year. 

Think about it carefully, it's good that you're on here asking questions.

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