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1 hour ago, JimSurfs said:

How do people handle The Mail Service opening sensitive mail?

If you are thinking of the mail scanning service, they would have to open it in order to scan it for you. Since I have only used the forwarding service of Escapees, I really don't have an answer other than to look at the website and see if that answers your questions. Go to this link and see if your questions are answered there.  Escapees Mail Scanning Service, excerpts quoted follow. 


Each day when we receive new mail for you, we will automatically scan the address side of each First Class Mail envelope. (Other mail classes are not scanned.) We’ll then send you an email letting you know that there are new scans for you to view.

Your mail scans are available anytime from your secure Mail Service dashboard. After logging in, you can view images of each of your scanned First Class Mail envelopes. For each item, you can select to forward it with your next mailing, have the contents scanned, or have us destroy the mail piece.

If you request that we scan the contents of an envelope, we will open it and scan each page. We’ll notify you by email when your content scans are ready.


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I also use Escapees (we are Texas residents, so we just "moved" to Livingston).

They scan the envelope (outer only), then notify you.  You log in, see the envelope(s), and have three choices:

  • Send with scheduled mail (which means, "when you tell them to do a mail drop")
  • Destroy.
  • Open and scan for 50 cents a page. 

Based on that, they don't open anything.... unless you tell them to.  And I'm sure they see enough mail that they could probably care less of the content.  And they are busy.  Been here at Livingston HQ for a month, and one or two times a day big ol' 18 wheelers of mail drive in to the dock.  I don't think they have time to care! :)


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