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Transmission problem

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Well it let me down. Ultrashift. Going to get it inspected today and coming out of town stuck in 8th gear. Went to turn around and that was it. No downshift. Disconnected batteries and waited. Hooked back up. Now have neutral so truck can crank up. But that all. Just busses error sound. Got wrecker coming. Was working fine until this happened. Any thoughts on what to check appreciated. Towing to my property so I can work on it.

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Can only to speak to similar symptoms regarding the Autoshift in my 2003 vnl. Lock up in gear. Reset and go down the road a ways. Lock up again. Least expensive was the wiring harness replacement. No change. Changed the xy shifter, problem solved.  Good luck.

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Mine was worked fine ever since I got it. If the xy shifter worn out I should have been getting issues. This was instant failure with no poir issues. Only issue I have ever had is it holds the first gear, second, longer than it should sometimes. Not terribly though. Also when I bought it they commented they had to replace shifter. It was thousands of dollars also. So that sounds like it is new. 

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16 hours ago, HERO Maker said:

What was the last thing you had done to the truck?  Start there and work backwards.  Before disconnecting everything, try to tighten everything.

Last thing I did was new batteries. Cleaned everything up good, put star washers on connections to get good bite. That first place I went. There is a fuse in there though I didn't check.

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I was looking at some youtube videos and it seems easiest way for is remove XY shifter and just replace the sensors. I have no idea how to diagnose them. Seems they not very expensive. That service door should be right over it. Or can anyone tell how to find codes? all i have is an f on display. I just goggled this and found a ranger article and it stated all trucks you can turn key on and off 2 times and get codes. Try that tomorrow. 'Got feeling it speed sensor. 

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24 minutes ago, SuiteSuccess said:


Mine did something similar but it showed this.  BTW if you replace sensors they have plastic bodies,  are brittle, and break easily so a 15 minute job can become 9 hours.  GeorgiaHybrid and I know from experience.  I have Ultrashift.



Do you think it would be easier just to remove XY shifter since they are connected to it. It is going to be a mirror job if i try to do in truck

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